Friday, September 21, 2012

September 14: The Moon in 3D

On Friday, we kicked off a new season of lectures and stargazing with a talk by cartographer Jeffrey Ambroziak. He spoke about a unique map projection technique he helped develop, called the "Ambroziak Infinite Perspective Projection." This technique allows image data and topographical data to be combined into a single 3D map which appears undistorted regardless of viewing angle. During the talk, Ambroziak shared his beautiful and unique three-dimensional map of the Moon. He also shared a series of anecdotes, including the story of how he befriended the famous science fiction writer Ray Bradbury, who wrote the forward to his book "Infinite Perspectives: Two Thousand Years of Three-dimensional Map Making." Generously, Ambroziak provided every audience member with a full sized poster of his impressive 3D map of the Moon and red/blue glasses with which to view it. You can find more information about his projection at

Unfortunately due to weather we were unable to observe, but audience members had the option to tour the rooftop observatory, view a 3D wall presentation by Bryan Terrazas, or listen to a slideshow on the moons of our Solar System presented by Rohan Sawhney. Thanks to our outreach director Summer Ash and all the volunteers that helped make the night a success.

Join us for our next Lecture & Stargazing event on September 28th at 8pm, where we will host a talk and book signing about black holes entitled "Gravity's Engines," by Caleb Scharf.