Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jan 29 - BLAST!

Our first event of the year didn't exactly go as planned as our scheduled screening of BLAST! was plagued by technical difficulties. On the other hand, a thoroughly overcast day miraculous cleared up right as our stargazing began so what might have otherwise been a disappointing night turned into one of the better observing sessions we've had this winter! Led by graduate student Yong Zheng, astronomers on the roof had telescopes pointed at the Orion Nebula, Jupiter and the Galilean moons, and the Pleiades star cluster. On the indoor side, undergraduate Gladys Velez-Caicedo, ran our 3D Wall for a packed house.

For those interested in seeing what actually happened with the BLAST experiment, we hope you'll give us another chance and come see us over the summer for our Film & Stargazing series. We will reschedule our screening of the film then (and will bring every back-up system ever invented).

Thanks to everyone who came out for their incredible patience throughout the evening.

-- Summer (Director of Outreach)